Installation from source


For your convenience, precompiled binaries provides at:

otherwise, to install from source:

 git clone hvt_src
 cd hvt_src

./configure [--prefix=...] [--with-protobuf=...]
[sudo] make install


  • command line tool ( <prefix>/bin/harvest )
  • static library ( <prefix>/lib/libharvest.a )
  • includes
    • Harvest, Protocol Buffer message class ( <prefix>/include/harvest.pb.h )
    • HarvestIO, Harvest wrapper with file IO ( <prefix>/include/HarvestIO.h )

Additional notes:

When running ./configure, use –prefix to install somewhere other than /usr/local. Use –with-protobuf if the Protocol Buffer libraries are not in their default location (/usr/local). Zlib should be installed in a standard system location. Sudo will be necessary for ‘make install’ if write permission